Patpong Translation & Visa Service Ltd.,Part.

Our Service

  • Translation and documentation service 
  • Certified or legalization the document from Thailand ministry of foreign affairs
  • Marriage registered in Thailand or abroad
  • To make a police clearance
  • Preparing for interviews with all embassy / immigration
  • Tourist visa
  • Visa for those who study abroad
  • Work visa and Work permit
  • Retirement visa
  • Thai wife or Thai dependent visa
  • All services of visa extension in Thailand

Translation service

               The company provides translation service of all kinds and we provide service of certifying documents from translation experts who are certified. We provide service of certifying signature, certifying true and correct translation, certifying documents of public companies from lawyers who can certify documents.
We provide service of certifying documents and affixing seals from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies with reasonable price, convenience, saving and quickness.

               For those who have foreigners as husband or wife and wish to register marriage, we have urgent marriage registration service. We will facilitate in everything for you to save time or you will not be bored with waiting. Any person wishing to register marriage in foreign country, we have teams who can provide service in every step, quickly and accurately.

               We provide service of obtaining personal conduct certificate from Police Headquarters, in the country and in foreign countries.

               We provide service for giving advice in preparing yourself for interview with embassy, or immigration office, to ensure your journey is smooth and having no anxiety to answer questions, or not repatriate to be returned home.



Tourist visa
               Whether you want to travel, or go for recreation, or visiting your lover, or husband, wife, family or relatives abroad, we have comprehensive service, covering all needs.



Visa for those who study abroad

               We are teams who can provide service of visa, having experience for more than 10 years to help you be successful in submitting visa application, save time in several steps, not as difficult as expected.    


Work visa or work permit

               For work permit, foreigners traveling to work in Thailand for business or operation, or being employee need to apply for change of visa classification, according to Thai law, Re: Foreigners coming to work in Thailand need to submit for change of visa type, to be Non-Immigrant Visa, “B”, or type of business visa. After changing the visa classification, foreigners need to apply for a work permit. Otherwise, foreigners cannot work in the Kingdom of Thailand. We can help you save time on various steps to help you succeed in applying for work permit with a highly experienced team.


Retirement Visa

               Foreigners wishing to come to Thailand for life at the end of their 50-year life, or called Non-Immigrant O. In order to facilitate to you, we are pleased to give consultation and assistance as if we give advice to our family as we understand about retirement age.



Thai wife or Thai dependent visa  
               If you need a permanent marriage visa for foreigners to have your family to live together in Thailand, we provide service of applying visa for Thai wife or Thai children. In case foreigners wish to come to live in Thailand with Thai wife or Thai children permanently, we are pleased to provide service of applying for Non-Immigrant O visa, for you and your family to live together happily in Thailand.